G-STAR RAW KV_苏州奕欧来奥特莱斯
G-STAR RAW KV_苏州奕欧来奥特莱斯



G-Star RAW is the modern denim brand. Since 1989 G-Star has been a denim pioneer, known for its innovative and cutting edge style. Its philosophy has always been “Just the Product” with a focus on denim craftsmanship and innovation. Innovation and perfection of the product are imperative to G-Star. In 1996 G-Star introduced wearable raw denim, which has had a major influence on the jeans market. The search for innovation led in the same year to the introduction of the first 3D denim, the G-Star Elwood, designed by G-Star’s head designer Pierre Morisset. A continuous process of 3D innovation led to the introduction of another G-Star classic, the Arc pant, in 2009. The silhouette is entirely constructed through detailed paper patterns underlying G-Star’s architectural craftsmanship.