jnby by JNBY KV_苏州奕欧来奥特莱斯
jnby by JNBY KV_苏州奕欧来奥特莱斯
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jnby by JNBY is the kids brand launched in Spring of 2011 by JNBY FineryCo.,Ltd.We cordially called it as jnby. 

Design Concept

Pure, natural and interesting. To bring the kids into the imagination space with stories in each season and let them play to their heart content. Fuse the sentiments for the kids to the entire design relation, thus to construct a kind of beauty particular to kids.

Brand Concept

Imagination outweighs knowledge. Children are endowed with poetic inspiration and abundant imagination which constitute the source of their potential splendid creation. We respect their instinct and born imagination, and motivate it. We advocate less material gains and more exploration interests for children. Moreover, we advocate that parents should be as curious as children and be imaginative of reality.